Continuously in motion

Our motto 'Continuously in motion' clearly shows our versatility in transport and logistics services. Through years of national and international transport experience, drivers as well as various schedules have a lot of (practical) knowledge and experience. Whether it is about bulk, break bulk, cargoes or collecting shipments from ports and taking them to our distribution centres, our strong customer focus offers transport solutions that suit your wishes and requirements in the best way possible. Every load is of course transported in the most cost-effective manner with the best-suited equipment operated by committed and certified Dutch drivers. And the delivery? Just as agreed, at the desired time, at the right address.

Our strong customer focus has resulted in excellent compliance with customers' wishes and requirements. Because Zijderlaan can carry out the entire chain management, our customers benefit from attractive transport rates. Not only do we look for the most efficient transportation solutions every day, we will go one step further and take care of everything. We will do our utmost to meet your expectations and, if possible, even surpass them. Both in transport and logistical matters.

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Track & Trace

In order to meet customer-specific requirements, Zijderlaan has an ultra modern fleet. All our trucks are equipped with tracking systems (GPS and GPRS), which allows our schedules to see where drivers and cargoes are at any moment. The various (scheduling) departments within Zijderlaan work closely together, enabling flexibility and operations, if desired, to be adjusted in time. Through log-in connections with clients, the schedules can confirm the transported volumes and details in the customer's system. A follow-on link between on-board computer, transport and engine management systems makes it possible to integrate into scheduling and administration.
Logistic processes can be better matched thanks to continuous monitoring. Strict agreements and reliable deliveries are thus ensured.