Zijderlaan contributes to your goals

Bulk transport is one of the transport activities Zijderlaan offers. Due to the fact that Zijderlaan is involved in every stage of the transport process, it can tighten the organisation. Due to specific wishes and requirements from individual customers, we need to think about solutions with each customer again and again. By adequately anticipating questions, Zijderlaan has grown in this industry in recent years. Now more Valued Added Logistics have been added to the total range, including for example repackaging from big bags or bulk goods from our warehouse in Stolwijk.

Wide range of bulk transport

For various partners, Zijderlaan provides a range of bulk transport. These include cement and lime-like raw materials for construction, lime for industry and water supply companies. Zijderlaan is certified according to Kiwa for deliveries to water treatment plants.

Laden kalk

Transport of granulates and powder

For the transportation of granulates and powdered products, Zijderlaan has a bulk fleet of 10 bottom unloaders and 30 bulk cargoes up to 63 m3. The tractors are equipped with low-noise compressors. The bulk cars are internally cleaned in the modern truck wash and can also be dried here if desired. Of course, all our qualified drivers have a VCA diploma.