Value Added Logistics

Getting the most out of any logistical challenge

Because logistics services are "continuously in motion", attention is paid more and more to the progress, quality and cost control of the entire logistics process. Through the continuous optimisation of logistics processes, we can continue to customise our services. Value Added Logistics is facilitated directly from home. This leads to operationally flexible and effective logistics services at a competitive price. Our flexible attitude and our own WMS system also ensure that market developments are adequately responded to, enabling us to offer suitable (innovative) solutions. One thing is certain, with us your goods are in trusted hands!

A solution for every challenge

Zijderlaan provides many additional activities for a flexible and effective logistics process. We discuss each request extensively so that the most effective solution can be offered and returns be achieved. 

Some Value Added Logistics include:

  • Interfacing - Connecting client systems SAP/ ERP
  • Cooling and warming up of liquids and packaging in drums and/or IBC containers
  • Packaging, repackaging and sealing
  • Labelling
  • Zijderlaan WMS
  • Quality control
Taplijn drums