Zijderlaan - Warehouse Management Systeem

Quality improvement, productivity increase, cost savings

With the use of our own Warehouse Management System (WMS), logistics processes are accelerated and the chance of errors reduced. The continuous monitoring (scanning) of all movements within the warehouse enables tracking and tracing of the flow of goods. Strict agreements and reliable deliveries are thus ensured.

Advantages of Zijderlaan WMS

  • Real-time insight inventory management
  • Optimal use DC
  • Online control activities
  • Links/interfaces relatively easy to create
  • Per project and/or regular reports can be made, so logistics costs and flows become even more transparent. The processes are measurable and adjustable.
The service and quality of our logistics services are reflected in:
  • Client-specific solutions
  • Long-term relationships
  • Efficient and sustainable operations through Supply Chain optimisation
  • Certifications (AEO, GMP, ISO 9001, Skal)
  • Trusted and skilled staff
  • In-house safety consultant and quality manager
  • Lean and Green Award (2011-2016)
  • CO2 Footprint en CO2 Reduction box (2016-2021)
Zijderlaan WMS