Distinctive in terms of managing en delivering quality

Additional training or specific customer-related training ensure that our drivers can operate in the market according to our clients and society's quality requirements. Customers will appreciate this extra commitment from our involved and skilled drivers. Not only are they driven and professional in the pursuit of their work, they are also involved in the entire operation. By communicating directly, openly and critically in internal meetings as well as drivers' meetings, Zijderlaan creates support for the total business operations. That way, opportunities are seized jointly and there is clear commitment from its employees.

Effective and customised solutions

Specialising in your own core business. This trend has manifested itself increasingly over the last few years, for Zijderlaan as well as her customers. This allows Zijderlaan to work together with the client in a focussed way in all things related to transport and logistics, and to think about the most effective solutions.

Zijderlaan remains focused on the latest developments and opportunities in the market, also to benefit our customers. This commitment is regarded by our clients as very valuable, which means that we are increasingly engaged in long-termpartnerships. Targeted thinking and offering 'out of the box' solutions results in efficient and individually customised work.