Own workshop

Own workshop

The garage is a fully-fledged company within the group. In the workshop in Stolwijk, complete maintenance of 200 trucks and a large variety of semi-trailers and trailers is carried out in-house.

Qualified mechanics

Safety is one of our core values. Targeted maintenance programmes seamlessly connect to this. In addition to routine maintenance, in combination with regular maintenance overhauls, Zijderlaan carries out roadworthiness tests in-house. In doing so, our certified garage technicians use advanced technologies, such as Davie DAF and MAN-Cats by MAN, which can detect and solve electronic malfunctions independently.

There is an ever-increasing shift from analogue to digital controls. These include braking systems, weighing systems, digital tachographs, on-board computer applications and other vehicle management information systems. By training garage technicians, Zijderlaan has been able to specialise more and more in recent years. It makes them able to respond better and offer custom solutions.

In addition to the mechanical maintenance of the vehicles, the garage technicians have specialist knowledge about all kinds of electronics applications that are either standard on the vehicles or added as an application.

The garage also has a communicative and, if necessary, corrective function with regard to the figures for diesel fuel consumption, maintenance costs and tire usage. During driver meetings, improvements are discussed jointly and solution-oriented actions are taken.