Bulk goods

For a wide range of clients in the livestock sector, construction, chemistry and glass industry, Zijderlaan provides the 'loose bulk' transport services. For this transport, we use tipper trucks, tipper trailers, roll-off containers with cable and hooklift systems and walking floors. Because loading often takes place at farms, our vehicles have their own axle load weighing system.

GMP+ certified processes

For the cattle feed quality guarantee in all animal feed chain links, the module GMP + Feed Safety Assurance has been established. Our company is GMP+ certified. Based on practical needs, various components in the GMP + FSA module have been integrated, such as quality management system requirements (ISO 9001), HACCP, product standards, traceability, monitoring, basic conditionality, chain approach and Early Warning System.

Sugar beet campaign

Zijderlaan has been transporting sugar beets for over 50 years

Zijderlaan has been active in the sugar beet campaign in autumn for years. Due to the ever-increasing processing of the two Dutch factories in Hoogkerk and Dinteloord, rigid planning and scheduling of the transports are necessary. The entire management takes place from Stolwijk. A team of drivers who have gained ample experience in campaign transport take on a logistics organiser role in the office instead of their usual driving duties. They are well known to everyone involved such as agricultural services, labourers and factories.

Losgestort charters

Honour commitment

For Zijderlaan, the campaign fits perfectly with our activities, and also with our niche as major campaign organiser (grain/sugar beets). The art is, especially for such large volumes, to set up a well-functioning operation that delivers as agreed. In order to guarantee appointments and deliveries, in addition to the own fleet of tippers, a large number of fixed charters (GMP approved) will be rented.
It is an annually returning challenge for all employees to perform this continuous process optimally. It is a huge team achievement that is certainly appreciated by the sugar industry.

Transportation and storage feed products with feedtuber truck Duynie

For Duynie, Zijderlaan transports semi-solid and dry by-products for livestock farming. The livestock feeds are stored directly from the truck in tubes. By storing the animal feed product directly into a tube, the high quality of the product is retained, there are no storage losses, there is almost no leakage and the products are well preserved.