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Customer specific solutions Zijderlaan

Specialising in your own 'core-business'. In recent years, this trend has become ever more clear. Complete logistics services, in which tailor-made and innovative solutions in the entire chain are at the forefront, has led customers to be completely unburdened by Zijderlaan.

Customisable, flexible and pro-active

Zijderlaan focuses on the latest developments and opportunities in the market, also to benefit its customers. This commitment is considered very valuable and results in long-term partnerships.
By focusing on customers and partners and offering solutions that are out of the box, Zijderlaan offers transparent custom-made logistics services. Inventory of individual wishes also results in efficiency improvements in overall performance.

Klantgericht Duynie

Long-term partnerships

In cooperation with our logistics partner Stubbe we have been transporting (shipping containers and tautliners) and distribution activities for a joint client for many years. In DC Stolwijk, liquid substances are filled in various packaging units in both drums and IBCs through fully automated filling lines. Our own Warehouse Management System provides real-time traceability for the customer.

A fully automated and mechanised high-rise warehouse for packaged sugar products has been realised for the Cosun Beet Company in Puttershoek. The high-rise warehouse is equipped with all kinds of innovative automation applications and offers space for around 17,500 pallets.