About us

Professional manager of the entire logistics chain

Zijderlaan is a strong and professional player in the dynamic world of transport and logistics. The logistics market is developing at a furious pace and we follow these developments closely. As a healthy family business with a solid foundation and a clear strategic vision, we are able to respond to new opportunities and possibilities. For example, in the area of sustainability and the road to CO2-neutral logistics services. We are also very involved and like to think along with our customers (strategically) about optimisation in the chain.
Thanks to our specialisms in three transport divisions, supplemented by the added value we offer in our DCs, we are able to scale up during campaigns and we can adapt to customer-specific wishes and issues.

Read more about our family business, our core values and our Truck and Trailer Service, where we maintain and repair our fleet of approximately 500 vehicles under our own management.