Logistical solutions

Added value Zijderlaan

Logistics services means being 'continuously in motion'. Constant attention to the progress, quality and cost control of the overall logistics process is essential.

Custom solutions

Because Zijderlaan can offer both "custom" and "total solutions", they often cultivate long-term partnerships with customers. Close goal-oriented cooperation leads to joint goals being achieved. If desired, Zijderlaan can also take on the entire chain management. This means that Zijderlaan can completely unburden you, and/or your customers, as a major campaign organiser. Possible risks are inventoried and necessary measures to control and avoid these risks are taken. Value Added Logistics (VAL) are largely offered directly from in-house, making operations even more efficient and more flexible.

By continuously optimising our logistics processes, thinking and offering solutions that are out of the box, we can serve our customers in a tailor-made and efficient way. Individual wishes are realised and exceeded whenever possible.