Core values

Our clients see us as the manager of their entire logistics chain

The core values of Zijderlaan consist of Quality, Chain management, Sustainability & Environment and Safety. These core values are highly regarded here at Zijderlaan and are sharply monitored throughout all layers of the organisation.


Chain management

Complete customer care, from ports to distribution centres and wholesalers. As chain director, Zijderlaan manages the entire logistics process. Short, flexible lines make it possible to respond well to acute logistic challenges. Shorter lead times result in transparent logistics services at market-conform prices.

For example, 'Chain Management' may be considered as:

  • use of varied materials
  • handling of customs formalities
  • conditioned storage for short or longer time (Warehousing Steenbergen)
  • quality control
  • upload and / or transshipment
  • product inspection
  • miscellaneous Value Added Logistics (e.g. repackaging, labelling, labelling, picking and/or wrapping of goods)



Quality is one of our distinguishing elements. Training, external (or specific customer-related) training and processes ensure that our, only Dutch, drivers can operate in the market according to current quality requirements, from society and clients. Clients will appreciate this extra commitment from our involved and skilled drivers. Not only are they driven and professional in the pursuit of their work, they are also involved in the entire operation. By communicating directly, openly and critically, Zijderlaan creates support for the total business operations. Opportunities are thereby taken advantage of together and there is clear commitment from her employees.



Zijderlaan highlights the safety of its drivers and other road users. Courses and training, including within the framework of the European Qualifications Directive, make a very high contribution to increasing safety on Dutch and European roads. We work on damage prevention by continuing the training of our drivers, but also through the exacting maintenance of our cars by our own garage technicians.



Zijderlaan strives to do business sustainably. By taking deliberate measures that not only reduce costs, but reduce environmental impact at the same time, Zijderlaan is optimising its (sustainable) transport. Partly because of this, Zijderlaan has participated in the Lean and Green Connekt Programme in the last five years. For the coming years, Zijderlaan has prepared a CO2 footprint and related reduction plan to monitor and reduce CO2 emissions.

The CO2 performance ladder is a certified measuring instrument to provide companies with insight into their CO2 emissions. A part of the CO2 performance ladder is the preparation of a CO2 footprint and a corresponding reduction plan. This footprint maps the overall emissions of the organisation (per scope). The transparency means that the entire organisation can work to reduce its CO2 emissions.

Lean and Green is a distinctive network for efficiency and sustainability of mobility. The Connekt programme aims to make a concrete and pragmatic contribution to the sustainability of the logistics chain. After testing and approval by TNO and Connekt, Zijderlaan has been named the winner of the Lean and Green Award.

With the Lean and Green Award, Zijderlaan has demonstrated its active efforts to make its logistics process more sustainable. The Lean and Green Award is awarded on the basis of a plan of action. This describes how the company should reduce its CO2 emissions by more than 20% over a 5-year period, while increasing its profitability.