Break bulk transport

Zijderlaan unburdens and contributes where desired

Break bulk goods depending on size, quantity and weight will get suitable transport at Zijderlaan. For break bulk goods, 45 curtainsiders are used every day for Full Truck Loads (FTL) and distribution. Ten trailers equipped with a tailgate and electric pump truck are used for distribution in the Benelux. The other semi-trailers are used for a broader range of goods within the Benelux, but also for longer distances (to almost all European countries). Our semi-trailers have a sliding roof specifically for this type of work.

Shipping containers

Favourable location ports

Due to our favourable location we regularly carry out the transport of shipping containers to and from the ports of Rotterdam, Moerdijk and Antwerp. With our modern fleet of multi-functional chassis we are able to transport almost every shipping container type and size: 20 Ft, 30 Ft, 40 Ft, 45 Ft, as well as 2 x 20 Ft, High Cube and reefer containers.

Transport zeecontainers
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All vehicles are standardly equipped with an ADR package for the transport of hazardous substances. Environmentally hazardous goods can be transported by us, but can also be stored by third parties through us. Not only do our drivers have an ADR certification, we also have an internal security consultant who is happy to assist you.