50th place Top 100 Logistics

Zijderlaan has risen to 50th place in the Top 100 Logistics! Our ranking in the Top 50 as an SME shows that we really make a difference in the field of sustainable innovations. Together, we are 'Constantly on the move' (our slogan: voortdurend in beweging) every day. Focus and perseverance organisation-wide have led to important steps of improvement. We are proud that our sustainable efforts have been rewarded!

The ranking is compiled by Buck Consultants International (BCI) and Logistiek.nl. This year they paid more attention to the most innovative companies. In addition to the 'hard' indicators such as turnover in Euros, number of permanent employees and number of square metres of warehousing (70% of total score), the degree of innovation was also assessed on six different themes (30% of total score). These six themes are: sustainable transport, sustainable warehousing, labour & training, smart warehousing, use of digital platforms and chain management.

Distinguishing factors of Zijderlaan in the field of innovations in logistics processes include:


  • Participation in Lean & Green programme (on the way to 2nd (and/or 3rd) Star award)
  • Working with our customers to capitalise on sustainable optimisation opportunities in the supply chain
  • Use of HVO100 as a fossil-free fuel (also read this article about our sustainable collaboration with agricultural raw materials supplier Cefetra B.V.)
  • Compensation of remaining diesel emissions through Shell's NBS compensation programme. This means we will be driving climate-neutrally from this year onwards
  • Completely new premises for our Truck and Trailer Service, built in accordance with the BENG standard (Bijna Energie Neutraal Gebouw - Nearly Energy Neutral Building)
  • Modern fleet with the aim of only using Euro 6 trucks (or more economical) by the end of 2023
  • Participation in HyTrucks hydrogen project
  • Participation in projects for multimodal transport - including 'The Green Heart Corridor'
  • Continuous analysis of driving performance (consumption figures), training our drivers and optimising planning processes
  • Solar panels, heat pump

These sustainability initiatives and innovations help us to remain "Constantly Green on the Move" (from our slogan: voortdurend groen in beweging) in this dynamic sector. Together with our customers, we are moving towards a CO2-neutral logistics service. Would you like to know what else we do or what we can do for you? Take a further look at our website or contact Leo Lokker (commercial and operational director) directly on +31 182 346 600.